Anping International Wire Mesh Exhibition Center project is located in the south of Zhenggang road and the east of Jingwu road in Anping high tech Zone. The project has a total investment of 650 million yuan, a total land area of 211.6 Mu and a total construction area of 65000 square meters, including 47000 square meters of Anping International Wire Mesh Exhibition Center, 7000 square meters of China Wire Mesh Museum, and 11000 square meters of China Wire Mesh testing center and filter material research and development center. Building density 46%, plot ratio 0.46, 1800 parking spaces.

The project is based on Anping "China Wire Mesh Industry Base", with wire mesh products and quality control in the production process and raw material quality control as testing resources, to build a national wire mesh product quality inspection center (Anping), to achieve the goals of standard formulation, scientific research and development, quality inspection, market expansion, and economic prosperity, and to provide scientific decision-making basis for the government. The construction of this project can build a new economic and trade platform, improve the development of Anping exhibition industry, and enhance the urban openness, urban vitality and development potential of Anping County.